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Google Summer of Code

We have applied for the Google Summer of Code 2018 as organization. This lists the topics so far we heve collected for this application.


* Maximilian: Maximilian Huber, * Kate: Kate Stewart, * Michael: Michael C. Jaeger,

Project #1: Lightweight Scanner

Description: Add a new lightweight Scanner which is able find licenses. e.g. by taking the SPDX license list as input and figure out by itself how to detect them in source code. Possible Mentor(s): Maximilian, Michael

Project #2: get SPDX file by command line and REST API

Description: Possible Mentor(s): Kate, Michael

Project #3: Graphical representation of license contents / graphical statistics

Description: It would be nice to see the the overall contents of a project at one glance. Possible Mentor(s): Maximilian, Michael

Project #4: Fields for SPDX metadata, update to latest SPDX 2.1 and license list 3.0

Description: Possible Mentor(s): Maximilian, Kate, Michael

More project Ideas:

* REST, throwing a SHA for upload there and get SPDX back (in case it is there already) (Programming Language Analysis plugin) * Work on new clean-field implementation / ideas for new central hub * Make scanners modular / independent * Cool search * More intelligent / configurable decider

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