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FOSSology System Testing for Version 3.0

“Feature” to Test System Test Relevant (Yes, No, Partial) Issues Tester Status (PASS/FAIL)
Adj2Nest N/A
Buckets Yes Bucket_Test_Cases #494 highlight fail BobG PASS (issue is acceptable for release)
Copyright Yes Copyright_Test_Cases #496 Micromenu not displayed, #497 View link for copyrights, #498 copyright data is not truncated Shaheem, Anupam PASS (issues are acceptable for release)
Delagent Yes Delagent_Test_Cases Shaheem PASS
Maintagent Yes Maintagent_Test_Cases Shaheem, Anupam PASS
Mimetype Yes Mimetype_Test_Cases Paul
Nomos Yes Nomos_Test_Cases will require changes in the UI (change license test cases), unclear “functional test mail” Shaheem, Anupam PASS
Package Agent Yes Mimetype_Test_Cases Paul
Scheduler Yes Scheduler_Test_Cases #504 phpunit stress test failure, #505 cp2foss unpack problem Shaheem, Anupam PASS (need a solution for #505)
Ununpack Yes Ununpack_Test_Cases clicking the file link brings 403, but can be found on the Web (or take other o-file). Actually, there is no viewable name anymore which changes the test case a bit. Michael PASS
Wget_Agent N/A - test by automated testing
Monk Yes - Need to add test cases
UI (Please perform tests using latest IE browser, firefox and chrome)
BucketsDiff Yes Anupam PASS
NomosDiff Yes Shaheem PASS
Homepage Yes Opposed to test desc, debug menue is only visible at login, which appears even better Michael PASS (FF,IE only)
Upload yes Set bug for 3.0.1 milestone that wildcard at “upload from server” does not work: #512 Also IE seems to have trouble with jquery: 511 Michael PASS (barely? IE,FF only)
Jobs Yes Michael PASS (IE,FF only)
Search Yes IE has trouble to display the job details #513 Michael PASS (barely? IE,FF only)
Browse Yes #507 upload url problem in instructions Shaheem FAIL (upload from git repo does not seem to work)
License Browse Partial some of the UI changed of course Michael PASS (IE,FF)
Organize Yes opened an enhancement: #514 Michael PASS (IE,FF only)
Help Yes Michael PASS (IE,FF only)
User Permissions Yes #499 monk-oneshot for readonly user Shaheem, Anupam PASS (issue is acceptable for release)
Group Permissions uses cases Shaheem, Anupam PASS
Upload Permissions uses cases Yes Admin#Upload-Permissions Shaheem, Anupam PASS
Admin Yes #500 Logo Image URL not updating, #502 add the new license not working Shaheem, Anupam PASS (issues are acceptable for release)
Tagging Yes Shaheem PASS
fo_postinstall N/A - automated functional
fo-installdeps N/A - automated functional
cp2foss Yes
dbcreate N/A - tested by automated install testing
fossinit N/A - tested by automated install testing
fossjobs Yes missing link or description
fo_cli N/A - automated functional
fo-cleanold N/A - automated functional
schema_export Yes Shaheem, Anupam PASS
fo_nomos_license_list Yes just execute? src/cli/ fo_nomos_license_list.php (yes, testing all the options - BobG)
fo_copyright_list Yes see above
RESTful UI Yes Requires authentication BobG FAIL
Siteminder and Mail Yes Anupam PASS
Source Install Yes Installation-from-source should have second tester (non Ubuntu 14.04) Shaheem, Anupam, Paul PASS (tested on ububtu 14.04(64 bit ))
Package Build Tested by CI
Package Install Yes tested by CI BobG, Paul iff Pkg avail
Package Purge
Continuous Integration Yes HP internal server BobG
Migration 2.6 → 3.0 Yes Automation_Testing_Migration Paul migration
Cluster Testing Yes BobG
Performance/Load Yes Large upload license browse 2x slower and no report cache. Discussing on fo-devel BobG
Git support
Dependency Certification
PostgreSQL N/A
Apache httpd N/A
Glib N/A
Documentation & Processes
Pos definition & process N/A
Documentation for 3.0 Release notes
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