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This space is an private area to document the server setup for Fossology.



Links or documents that don't really fit anywhere else.


The current infrastructure is running at the Linux Foundation.


As of September 2016, is a Drupal 7 site built and maintained by a development team within the Linux Foundation. The site is using a LF Project standardized template, rather than a custom site which the LF maintains under a retainer. The Linux Foundation IT Operations team manages the hosting for this site. It uses Linux Foundation ID for logins.

This wiki site is run and the codebase in maintained by the IT Operations team. It also uses Linux Foundation ID. and used to directly host build artifacts, but now are 301 redirects to This is maintained by the sysadmin team (on staff with Linux Foundation). The same Linux Foundation Helpdesk (see Contacts above) can help with access to this.

Prior to June 2016, was a Redmine site run by the OSU Open Source Lab. This site has been archived and is running at The site is running out of a monolithic archive and can not be logged into or modified. /projects/fossology/* links from the current site redirect to the archive site to preserve old links. As wiki pages get moved to (assuming this happens), the LF can add redirects to send people off to to “hide” the stale pages once new pages are in place (just send a request to the Helpdesk).

An old Dokuwiki site was used before Redmine. This isn't archived anywhere, but attempts to hit Dokuwiki URLs on will redirect to the wiki subdomain.


Build / test infra

There is a private subnet behind a LF Firewall. Local services are:

  • Router:
  • DNS:,
  • NTP:

Summary of Hosts.


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